Dr. Scott E. Keating, O.D.
Dr. Scott E. Keating, O.D.
Undergraduate Studies: Miami University, Oxford, Ohio 1982-1985
Graduate: Ohio State University of Optometry, Columbus, Ohio 1985-1989
Scope of Practice
As a fully licensed, Therapeutic Optometrist, I can prescribe medicine for all types of eye related, ocular problems. The following is a partial list of the major types of ocular Adnexa that I can treat.
- Glaucoma
- "Pink Eye" (Baterial Conjunctivitis)
- Viral Conjunctivitis
- Ulcers of the cornea
- Inflammation of the eye including Iritis, Episcleritis, and Pingecula
- Herpes Zoster (Shingles)
- Styes
- Dry eyes
- Allergies
- Chemical burns
I can also remove foreign bodies from the suface of the eye such as metal, splinters, lashes, glass, etc.
Work Experience
Solo practice at Newcomerstown, Ohio - Office since 1991
Sold Cadiz, Ohio office of ten years in 2001
Ran clinic side of large Ophthalmology Surgery Center 1990-1991
Wife: Tammy
Snow Skiing, Reading, Bicycling
Charitable Focus
Member of Vision USA - Provides eye exams and glasses to low income families
InfantSEE - Provides free infant eye exams
Reduced fees to Lions Club eligible patients
Community Service
Member of Lions International
Member of Elks International
Member of American Optometric Association